In the footsteps of Little Vienna (Po stopách Malé Vídně)

Šumperk pleasantly surprises us with its architectural beauty and excellent position, it’s no wonder that it is called Little Vienna” Jan Havelka, 1883

An extraordinary textile industry boom took place in Šumperk during the 19th century, as a result of which the urban and architectural face of the town changed. Rich entrepreneurs from Šumperk invited famous Viennese architects to build their villas and palaces, so the appearance of Šumperk became very similar to the appearance of the capital of the Habsburg monarchy. The history and interesting points about the most significant buildings can be found below.

A tour route was established in 2013, so now you can walk on your own through the town with only the help of a leaflet with a map or an application for smartphones and see the beautiful historical buildings with your own eyes.