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Symbols of the town

Znak města Šumperk

The beginnings of the coat of arms of Šumperk date back to the end of the 13th century, when we can assume there were deer antlers on the town signet – symbol of the aristocratic lineage from Šumperk. However, the oldest imprint of the Šumperk signet with this symbol comes only from the beginning of the 16th century. The Roman emperor and Czech king Ferdinand I. undertook, by means of the privilege issued in Prague on 23th April 1562, never to sell Šumperk away from the royal chamber and at the same time he awarded the town with the right of the third annual market, the right to seal with red wax and above all he improved the coat of arms of Šumperk. 

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He added a half of the imperial eagle and his own initials to the original coat of arms, which was allegedly silver on a blue shield, and he placed all this into a shield with a town gate on a rock. The deed, which has been preserved till today, describes the coat of arms in great detail: “the shield is of red, or ruby, colour and there is a rock at the bottom of the shield, on which there are towers of white or silver colour facing each other with three shadows from quadrate near the top of the shield and there is the yellow or golden letter F on each tower as a symbol of our name. Between these two towers there is a gate with silver bars and above the gate there is a small shield divided from bottom to top, the right half is yellow or golden, and in it there is a half of a black eagle bird, the left part is blue, and in it there is a deer horn with six white or silver coloured antlers.”

The Šumperk coat of arms has appeared in this form on seals and later on official stamps and various documents till this day. Under the influence of the shield in the Šumperk coat of arms, the yellow and blue colours became the symbolic town colours and the half of the eagle with the antler became a basis for the creation of the new town flag. Owing to the decision of the chairman of the House of Representatives of the Parliament of CZR No. 56 from 13. 6. 1995, the  town Šumperk has been using a yellow-blue divided flag, which has a half of a black eagle with red armour in the pole area and vertical white antler in the flying area of the flag. 

Use of the coat of arms of Šumperk

The coat of arms of the town of Šumperk can only by used by the town Šumperk and organisational units and legal persons established or founded by it (§ 34a par. 3 Act No. 128/2000 Coll., about municipalities (municipal structure), as amended. Other subjects can use the coat of arms of the town only with the previous consent of the town.

The council of Šumperk issued decree No. 3558/09 on 26.03.2009, which approved the rules for permitting of the use of the coat of arms of Šumperk. According to these rules, subjects which want to use the coat of arms of Šumperk must ask the Council of the town of Šumperk for permission to use the coat of arms of Šumperk.

Logo of Šumperk

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The basic attribute of the visual style of Šumperk is its logo. The logo forms the word Šumperk, in which a symbol is incorporated. It replaces the letter “M” in the word and it symbolises the rich architecture of Šumperk, which have been developing very intensively due to excellent architects both at the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries and during the first republic until today. That is why Šumperk is often called “Little Vienna”. Many architectural, sculpture and stucco features, which are literally accumulated in the town in a very small area, are thus represented by a dormer on the tower of the town hall, which is the highest building in Šumperk, which dominates the town and its surroundings. It stands like a lighthouse and looks down on the town and can be seen from all corners. The windows face all four sides of the world. The window is also a symbol of openness, a view of the world, a look into the future......etc. The shape of the window is stylised and adapted to the chosen shape of felt, which is derived from the Klavika font. The red colouring comes from the background colour of the historic coat of arms of Šumperk.

Use of the logo of Šumperk

The council of Šumperk, by means of decree No. 2142/12 from 01. 03. 2012, approved the rules for the use of the Šumperk logo. According to these rules, subjects which want to use the Šumperk logo, must ask the Council of Šumperk for permission to use the logo

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